I wanted to take a moment to deeply thank you for your amazing energy , gifts and passion you brought to us. What a life changing experience ! I feel as though we have tapped into the matrix, like we learned the secret to humanity, in a way that is so humbling and pure. Every time I do this work, I am left with a compassionate loved feeling, an understanding of why I have operated the way I have, without judgement.

The first week I have already noticed huge changes in my reactions to people or situations. I can literally feel the charge gone , at some points taking me aback , as I was so used to the way I would react. This has created SPACE to just be.


I have taken many workshops over the years but I can say without doubt that the most valuable has been the Shadow Energetics workshop developed by Darryl Gurney. Darryl is a gifted energy healer and an exceptional workshop facilitator – intentional, organized, interesting and always entertaining. With Shadow Energetics he has taken the possibility for healing to a new level. I have had results from this workshop in three areas. The work I did on myself during the classes resulted in a huge shift for me, particularly with respect to reintegrating a part of myself that I have disowned and that affects every area of my life. I have seen a significant improvement in my marriage as a result. I felt like a different person walking out of there. I have used the skills I learned on myself on a regular basis and I have had continuing good results which show up in my daily life – I am calmer, happier and much slower to be triggered. I have also used the tools I learned with friends and family and they have been very impressed with what we have accomplished together, especially with uncovering and embracing shadows and transforming dysfunctional beliefs.

At the workshop I had at least five “ah-ha’s” that each on their own would have been worth what I paid to take this course. I think everyone deserves to have the opportunity to learn the tools offered in this beneficial and life-changing workshop.


I highly recommend this workshop. I have experienced Darryl Gurney’s work and it has helped me a ton. ” I was diagnosed in April with a dangerous thyroid disease that directly affects the heart and can/will result in heart attack if not treated.

Good news – I recently turned my thyroid numbers around from dangerously high, needing radiation with ‘zero’ chance of remission, to totally normal within 2.5 months of seeking natural solutions. This has shocked my endocrinologist, leading him to say “you have my full attention Sarah Lovely…what have you done”.

Taking into account that my endocrinologist specializes in my particular thyroid disease (Graves’ disease) having more of us (Graves’ patients) than any other endocrinologist in BC, I was beyond thrilled that he (Dr. Elliot) cancelled my radiation treatment saying that I clearly did not need it any longer. And that, out of 1,080 Graves’ patients he had never cancelled a radiation before, and never had a patient with numbers as bad as mine turn them around naturally.

I asked for a chance to do so 🙂 “one of the therapies that I know for certain played a roll in my dramatic heath shift, not to mention the other shifts I have received from Darryl’s work that are not directly linked to my thyroid. I am truly grateful for it all.


Thanks for creating a great workshop. The work is amazing. While it’s beautiful in its simplicity, there is no limit to the depths that one can take it. Thank you again.


Hi Darryl,

I just wanted to give you an update on my sleep apnea.  I would have done this sooner but I wanted to give it some time to make sure.

Since our session on Nov.12 my sleep apnea for all intents and purposes has gone away.  There have been maybe 2 or 3 days where I experienced the severe fatigue associated with it.  They were in early December but quickly went away.  I continue to do my “homework”.

I am extremely happy, Julie is happy (although I still snore).  I know 2 other people who have it and are shocked to say the least.  I have not used my machine since you came.  I can’t thank you enough Gurn, I appreciate the time and effort you spent with me.  Let me know next time you are coming home and let’s get together.

Thanks again and take care


Dear Darryl,

Happy New Year! I took this class with you when you taught in London and have integrated it into my practice.

I would highly recommend it to everyone who is called to consider taking it. It has created amazing shifts for clients that have been described as miraculous and life-changing.

Thanks for being a light in the world (and a teacher who loves to laugh)

Warmly, Jann

Regarding The Holoenergetics Workshop

Hi Darryl,

Just wanted to drop you a note regarding the workshop this weekend.  My husband has been waiting for a promotion since last Sept,  a process that has been held up do to egos, prejudice and stubborness in his upper line more than anything else, and now was possibly not going to happen at all. Anyway, I did that trans…. loving process with his workplace on Monday morning and he got called in the afternoon that the promotion has been approved.    WOW   I had to take a step back, that is an amazing……..COINCIDENCE!?!?!?!?!?!?

There was a couple of other cool things, including a call from a friend I have hardly spoken to in 12 years, who knew I would be a  source of encouragement (her words).

I really want to explore this more, along with 0 hopnonononononon (whatever) which I have been using constantly as well.

Thanks again,