Shadow Energetics

Simple Question: Who do you judge? Who pushes your buttons?

Believe it or not these same people are our teachers. They are in effect holding up a mirror showing us the exact aspects of ourselves that we have disowned and need to embrace in our journey back into wholeness and unconditional self-love.

This workshop helps you to understand the energetic dynamics that have you repeatedly drawing in the same people that challenge you the most. Learn how these unresolved dynamics can sabotage your relationships, contribute to illness, compromise your self-worth and hijack your ability to make conscious choices. You will then learn various strategies that simply and effectively allow you to energetically reconcile your relationships to these patterns.

Shadow Energetics is a program designed to move you in the direction of Wholeness and Unconditional Self Love. By finding the parts of your personality that you have dissowned, recognizing their value and then embracing them you can enrich your life in the following ways and more…

  • Raise your consciousness by becoming more aware and choiceful
  • Experience better physical health by releasing repressed emotional charges
  • Enhance your personal relationships through authentic communication and deeper intimacy
  • Separate from your inner critic thereby gaining greater confidence and self-esteem
  • Deepen your connection to your inner child and therefore gain access to your magic, wonder, playfulness, and imagination
  • Recognize your unity with all of creation and therefore develop a deeper compassion for yourself and others

Shadow Energetics Workshop Itinerary :

  • We will explore the ‘Psychology of Selves’ and come to understand how disowned selves operate inside you and the effect they play in your life, your health, your behaviours, and your relationships.
  • You will learn muscle testing to access higher knowing.
  • You will learn a way to decode your dreams and access the wellspring of insights of what is taking place inside your subconscious mind.
  • You will learn a method of subconscious belief change to change beliefs that anchor your shadow and keep you polarized in duality.
  • You will learn a process to integrate your shadow to move you in the direction of wholeness and living authentically.
  • You will also be doing processes to get you in touch with your inner child so that through an understanding of your deeper needs you can move into a place of consciously parenting your own inner child.
  • We will spend time learning a language of needs so that you can communicate more authentically and deepen the intimacy in your relationships.
  • You will get a deeper understanding of the inner critic and how to get separation from this self-abusive part of you.
  • You will learn a relationship process that will help clear the energetic dynamics that can sabotage your relationships.
  • You will also learn a system to heal and release repressed emotions.