Past Life Regression Therapy

What Is the Purpose of past Life Regression Therapy?

The purpose of past life regression therapy is to retrieve memories and belief systems from previous incarnations that are still negatively influencing a person’s life. These old belief systems can create disharmony; physically, mentally or emotionally. Once the past life memory is an awareness, deep understanding and insights arise as to how the events of the past are deeply impacting the present. For example, during a session a person may re-experience having starved to death in a past life. They then relate this memory to a current behavior pattern in their present life: a compulsive eating disorder. Often once the connection between the past life and the current behavior is made, the pattern is broken. However, if the pattern still exists, the therapist can apply energetic and therapeutic techniques to release the frozen energy and help free the person from the limiting pattern.

How is Past Life Regression Therapy Done?

In a comfortable sitting or lying position, the person is first asked to set an intention about what they want the heal or change. They are then verbally led through a progressive relaxation exercise until they reach a deep state of hypnosis. The therapist proceeds to lead them on a guided meditation to an inner sanctuary, where they feel safe and comfortable, and from here, they’re guided to journey back to the time when their problem first began. The therapist facilitates the process by asking questions to help them figure out what occurred in the past, and how it is presently influencing their life.

Once the connection is established, the person is guided to the end of the lifetime and is instructed to float above their body. In this in-between life state, the person has a broad perspective on the incarnation and they are able to understand the life lesson they learned from that lifetime. The person is then slowly lead back to the present lifetime and given positive suggestions to feel really good, better than before.

Common Questions about Past Life Regression Therapy

Q: Have past lives really occurred? If I get memory, how do I know it is not just my imagination?

A: Dr. Brian Weiss facilitated several cases where people have compared names, dates, times and places accessed through the regression process with historical records, and found identical correlations. There have also been instances where people being regressed begin to speak fluently in a foreign language.

Q: Will I be out of control while I’in a hypnotic state?

A: In past life regression therapy, the person is in total control of the process and the therapist acts merely as a guide. The conscious aware mind is always present and can withhold any information at anytime. The person is also able to immediately return to present time awareness if desired. If at anytime during the regression process an unpleasant or traumatic memory is recalled, the person always has the option to float above the scene and watch it as if a movie; comfortably detached from the painful situation.

Q: Can everyone be regressed to a past life memory?

A: Most people can retrieve some past life information, and with practice can achieve deeper and deeper trance states where they can access more vivid memories. About 15 percent of the population has difficulty achieving trance states deep enough, to allow past life memories to emerge.

What Can Be Successfully Treated with Past Life Regression Therapy?

Past life regression therapy has been used to successfully treat phobias, eating disorders, physical aches and pains, fear of death, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, bottled anger, insecurity and migraines. Basically any physical, mental or emotional disorder that has its roots in past incarnations, can be treated with past life regression therapy.