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Pemberton, BC.

Subconscious Belief Change and Relationship Alignment Workshop

 Darryl Gurney

Sunday, October 16, 2016 Pemberton, BC

Is this for you?  Free introductory talk on Thursday, September 29, 7:00 – 8:30pm Pemberton (see below for details)


In this workshop you will learn a very simple yet effective way to change limiting beliefs at

the subconscious level.

Many of us carry beliefs that sabotage our health our relationships our finances as well as

our ability to love and forgive ourselves. Without changing these limiting beliefs we are

destined to continually re-create these same patterns in our lives over and over again. By

leveraging the power of your subconscious mind you can re-create your life in the direction

of your highest vision for yourself.

You can literally work effectively on any issue in your life be it weight loss, addictive

behaviors, phobias, physical issues or serious illnesses and by changing these distorted

patterns you will increase your belief in yourself and create more success in your life!

Disharmonious belief patterns are also responsible for altering our personality and keeping

us from expressing our authentic selves. Limiting beliefs can turn us into people pleasers,

over-doers, perfectionists, judgemental critics and thereby keep us from living balanced,

conscious and peaceful lives.

Relationship Alignment

In this workshop you will also learn a very powerful technique to help you reconcile

challenging relationship dynamics. This goes for all relationships including

romantic relationships, parent child relationships, friendships, as well as the challenges

presented with coworkers, bosses or business partners.

This process often creates seemingly miraculous results in many relationships. The results

are achieved by eliminating the tension that’s in the air between people, this is the same

tension that is responsible for sabotaging the connection between people. The process also

only requires one person in the relationship to be physically present.

Course Details

Location: Pemberton, BC

Date: Sunday, October 16th from 9 AM to 5:30 PM

Investment: $133 by September 30th and $150 thereafter

To reserve a seat for the Free Introductory Talk and receive the location


To Register for workshop and get details,

Please contact Kristin Nuttall at or 604-905-9452.

Shadow Energetics Workshop (Taught by Angelika Baum)


September 24 – 25  &  October 1-2


EARLY BIRD $595.00 if $150 deposit received three weeks prior, $695 thereafter (prices include tax)


To Register contact Angelika Baum, 905-286-9466,

Further information

New Workshop from HealthQuest!

Sexual Moksha

Liberating your Sensuous Soul for Magic, Pleasure, and Creativity

Workshop for singles and couples

Your sexual life force is the power that can liberate your full life potential. In order to achieve it, you must remove the blocks that stand between you and this potent force. Shame, guilt, limiting beliefs, trauma and conditioning from your past stifle this flow and block your spirit.

In this three-day experiential workshop you will learn powerful tools and techniques to remove barriers to your full creative evolutionary potential.

• Release blocked sexual energy and awaken to your soul’s longing

• Understand what it takes to experience more fulfilment and pleasure in life

• Explore many healthy ways of expressing your sexual life force

• Heal emotional pain and limiting beliefs that lead to sexual dysfunction

• Stimulate your creative juices with sensual movement and fun simple artistic expression

Sexual Moksha Workshop (Taught by Darryl Gurney) 

Next class TBA

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