PSYCH-K® and Peace

The Ancients tell us that the world outside of us is a reflection of the world inside of us.  If this is true, and Quantum science assures us that it is, and if our desire is for world peace, then we must ultimately dare to explore our inner world. What mental and emotional conflicts rage within us and how are these conflicts contributing to the outer unrest we wish to heal in our world?

Let us first look at the studies that demonstrate these phenomena. Then let’s explore the ways that the seeds of unrest are planted within us and what they ultimately grow into, and lastly let’s look at a simple but powerful technology that allows us to make peace with ourselves so that we exemplify the Mahatma Gandhi credo of  “being the peace we wish to see in the world.”

The following study was published in the peer reviewed Journal “The Journal of Conflict Resolution.”

The TM (Transcendental Meditation) study demonstrated that if the square root of 1% of a population were practicing their form of meditation that involves bringing up the feeling of peace in their bodies they were able to create a very significant change in the outer world. In Lebanon they were able to reduce war deaths by 71%, war injuries by 68% and the level of conflict by 48%. The fact that the square root 1% of the worlds population of  6.5 billion is only around 8 and a half thousand people is a very encouraging one, because it suggests that if that many people can find and maintain peace within themselves then we could create a very significant positive change for peace globally.

We can conclude then that what is happening internally is reflected in our outer world. So what is the mirror reflection of our often chaotic outer world with all the genocide, wars, terrorism, environmental destruction, changing weather patterns, crime, violence, racism and abuse trying to tell us about the current state of our inner world?

We must begin by looking at our belief systems, because we perceive reality through our belief filters and these filters can distort our perception. For instance two people may come across a spider in her web. One persons experience is awe: they are fascinated by the intricate web the spider spins. However another’s experience maybe quite different: they may feel extreme fear. Both people are witnessing the same event yet their internal response is completely different based on their perceptions and beliefs about spiders.

What beliefs do we hold that cause us to be at war with ourselves?

If for example we were hit repeatedly by a parent we may have developed a subconscious belief that I am a bad person and deserve to suffer, then a pattern of demeaning internal dialogue develops where in effect we become our own inner terrorist. Or perhaps we were punished for expressing our anger, so we learned to keep it all inside where it festers, eventually making us sick and eroding our internal environment. Or we were ignored, so we developed beliefs of being unworthy of love, and a pattern of abusive relationships or destructive addictive behaviors resulted. Perhaps we did something that we regretted and felt ashamed of, and decided that we couldn’t trust our decisions anymore; as a result we now make choices that we are unsure of that ultimately leave us feeling unsafe and fearful.  Maybe we were betrayed in a relationship, so we developed a belief that other people could not be trusted and we end up holding ourselves hostage rather than risk getting hurt again. What if we feel that we are ugly because we don’t live up to the airbrushed silicon injected half starved image of beauty we have been sold, and we end up developing a hatred for our own bodies?

The list goes on and on.

If we release these self-limiting beliefs that support this destructive behavior, and adopt self-affirming beliefs that support inner peace and harmony, then we can calm the internal waters and begin to emit coherent loving frequencies into our environment that will help induct our outer world into a similar expression.

PSYCH-K® is an easy to learn, simple to use system of changing our beliefs at a subconscious level. In a weekend workshop you receive the tools necessary to change any self-limiting belief that you have that maybe contributing to your inner turmoil, into a self-affirming belief that will align you with the inner peace you desire.

. Dr. Bruce Lipton , in his best selling book, “The Biology of Belief” says ” I believe PSYCH-K® represents an important step toward the New Psychology for the 21st century.

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